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  • Beauty Mistakes to Avoid Before Holiday Parties
    Posted In Body and Skin Care / Top to Toe
    Published On 20 Nov 2014

    Whether you’re just attending a couple of holiday parties, one for work and one with your family, or have a full calendar, you always want to look your best. However, that desire for a quick fix might push you to make some bad decisions.

    Trying new spa treatments and making big changes to your look are the biggest beauty mistakes to avoid before holiday parties. Taking risks can lead to great results, but if this is the most important social season in your year, you should think twice before committing to a procedure that can have unwanted side effects.

    Getting the Wrong Facial

    It’s never a good idea to try a drastic new cosmetic procedure. If you’ve never gotten a chemical peel or went to a spa for microdermabrasion, this is not the time to try them. Even the wrong facial can cause a breakout or leave your skin inflamed for a few days. Clay masks are particularly tricky before a big holiday party, since they can cause problems for up to a week before showing the final results. Schedule spa treatments at least two weeks before your party.

    Going Too Far with the Self Tanner

    If you want to get the perfect glow before the holiday season starts, experimenting with self tanner might not be the right way to achieve it. Avoid using a new self-tanner and opt for products that give you a more subtle look after daily application. Attempting to get your tan on the night before is one of the beauty mistakes to avoid before holiday parties.

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  • 10 Ways to Stop Him from Cheating
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Relationship Advice
    Published On 19 Nov 2014

    While some men believe they’re biologically programmed to cheat and nothing can be done about that, most seem to actually invest their time and energy in a monogamous relationship. When you’re worried about your partner cheating, there are quite a few things you can do about it, most of them without ever letting him know that you’re thinking about that scenario.

    Check out the basic ways to stop him from cheating, but don’t think that any of it will actually stop him when he really wants to.

    1. Work on Communication

    Keeping channels open to communicate when something is wrong or when the relationship is entering a new phase is always important. If you’re growing apart and your sex life is also taking a hit, it’s important to communicate in order to keep your relationship healthy. Once you’re on the same page, you can feel if there’s something really wrong that he’s hiding from you.

    2. Keep the Physical Connection

    The happiest relationship are those that have a strong physical connection. That doesn’t just mean you should be compatible in the bedroom, it actually means that you should have positive physical contact every single day, including hugs and kisses. That’s definitely one of the ways to stop him from cheating, by maintaining that important intimate connection.

    3. Spend Quality Time Together

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  • How to Wear Shearling This Season
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Style Tips
    Published On 19 Nov 2014

    While shearling has never really gone away as a fall staple, it’s one of the major trends that you should be rocking this season. Even if you don’t care for the real thing, there are plenty of cozy and stylish faux version of shearling that can add to your style.

    Find out how to wear shearling the right way this fall, and get the most out of this trend. Whether you prefer it as a detail for a biker or aviator jacket or as a full look, here’s what you need to know about wearing shearling to maximum effect.

    Stick to One Shearling Piece

    If you love a shearling collar on your coat, stick to that. If you want a full teddy coat, that also works great with the trend. But the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to wearing shearling, whether it’s real sheepskin or a faux version, is letting it make two appearances in your look. Too much shearling is definitely at the wrong end of the matchy-matchy spectrum.

    Shearlin Vest Outfit
    photo: Martina McFarlane

    Choose the Right Shearling

    Before wondering how to wear shearling, it’s important to make sure that the quality matches the price when you’re buying the real thing. Quality shearling doesn’t feel dry and it’s completely crack free, while also being lightweight. However, you can also opt for the intentional glaze effect, that’s equally striking, as long as it’s intentional.

    Black Shearling Jacket Outfit
    photo: Lena Magda Spot

    Go Unexpected with the Iconic Jacket

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  • 10 Fashion Myths Debunked
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Style Tips
    Published On 19 Nov 2014

    Rules like not wearing white after Labor day or avoiding denim on denim have been eliminated by modern fashion sensibilities, but there are plenty of other style myths that still have followers.

    Forgetting the fashion myths have been debunked isn’t even bold anymore. Check out a few style restrictions that are no longer relevant, but still keep many from fulfilling their true fashion potential. From the outdated print mixing rules to the silly rule of avoiding suede during the summer, here are the myths that have been thoroughly busted by the fashion world.

    1. You Have to Take Off One Accessory Before Going Out

    Created in the 1960s, this rule was originally based on a point system for finding balance in every look. 

    However, fashion is not math, and this outdated myth should be absolutely forgotten. From layering necklaces to wearing multiple bracelets, there are plenty of looks where more is more, so don’t be discouraged to try some bolder accessory and jewelry combinations.

    2. You Must Limit Yourself to Your Body Type Recommendations

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  • 10 Eyeliner Hacks Every Girl Should Know
    Posted In Makeup / Makeup Tips
    Published On 19 Nov 2014

    When you’re out of eyeliner, there are a couple of quick hacks you can use to draw a perfect line. Applying mascara with an eyeliner brush is one way to get a quick eyeliner fix, but only on the eyelid, never on the waterline. If you’re out of mascara too, then simply use a wet eyeliner brush and dip it in eyeshadow before applying.

    There’s a lot more you can do if you do have a pencil eyeliner. Try some of the best eyeliner hacks and you’ll be able to create the perfect look quicker and more precisely.

    1.Heat Your Pencil Eyeliner

    A dry or crumbly pencil eyeliner can actually scratch your skin, making the application less than pleasant, especially on the waterline. Heat it for a few seconds with your hairdryer in order to get a softer, more manageable texture. 

    If you heat it with a lighter, you’ll get a different texture, similar to gel eyeliner, but make sure to try it on the back of your hand first to make sure it’s not too hot for your eyelids and it has the texture you want.

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  • Running in the Winter: Gear and Exercise Tips
    Posted In Fitness and Diet / Exercises
    Published On 18 Nov 2014

    Exercising outdoors in late fall and winter comes with a pretty big set of risks, but if you’re prepared for it, you can still do it and get a great workout. Whether you’re jogging, hiking or biking outdoors, here are a few simple ways to get the most out of your exercise without any risks.

    Try these simple exercise tips for cold weather and you won’t have to stick to indoors exercise in a crowded gym or at home, where you keep getting distracted when you’re working out.

    Choose Your Gear Carefully

    In cold weather, gear becomes very important. Layering is a must, but you should also invest in moisture wicking fabrics that keep you comfortable and safe when it’s really cold outside. 

    Gloves are also important when temperatures drop below the freezing point, and you should also invest in special shoes if you’re going to work out in the snow. You should also consider a scarf for wet and windy days if you don’t want to risk frostbite on your face. Reflective clothing is also a must if you’re exercising when it’s dark outside.

    Keep Your Head Covered

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  • 10 Rules for Finding Love on Tinder
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Flirting and Dating
    Published On 18 Nov 2014

    With online dating becoming available in app form, there’s a whole new set of rules you should follow in order to increase your chances. Whether you’ve never used Tinder or tried it, but didn’t find what you were looking for, here’s how to use the app to its maximum potential. If you’re looking for a long term, monogamous relationship, don’t ignore these Tinder dos and dont’s.

    Stick to a few simple rules for finding love on Tinder, and you’ll be able to increase your chances of finding the right match and meeting someone you really want to be with.

    1. Choose Flattering, Realistic Photos

    Just like for any online dating platform, the pictures you choose can have the biggest impact for your chances of succes. Avoid selfies and forget about duckface, whether it’s supposed to be ironic or not. Choose a few pictures that you look good in, but don’t go too far with Photoshop or use really old ones. Avoid group shots and make sure that you’re doing something fun in most of your profile pics.

    2. Don’t Swipe Right Just to Be Nice

    One of the most important rules for finding love on Tinder is using the app the way it’s meant to be used, by only swiping right for guys you’re actually interested in. If you swipe right too much, you might fill your inbox with matches that aren’t really right for you. You’ll also be wasting other people’s time in a way that you probably wouldn’t appreciate yourself, right?

    3. Fill Your Profile the Right Way

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  • Signs You Should Lose Weight
    Posted In Fitness and Diet / Healthy Diets
    Published On 18 Nov 2014

    Whether or not you’d like to lose some weight, sometimes you really have to do it, in order to get rid of health risks and other problems. If your BMI is over 25, you’re overweight, and that can cause a lot of issues.

    Here are the most important signs you should lose weight, signals that show you that you’re putting your health in danger by sticking to a weight that’s linked to certain health risks. Even if you don’t care about BMI, here are the ways to tell that you could benefit from getting rid of a little weight.

    You’re Hungry Even After Huge Portions

    Being hungry all the time can be caused by a poor diet, with not enough fiber, protein, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals. However, when you know you’re getting all the nutrients you need, constant hunger can be a sign of insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome. You might be prediabetic or could actually have undiagnosed type 2 diabetes.

    Your Waist Size Is Putting Your Health at Risk

    Even if you choose to ignore your BMI, your waist can be a good indicator that you should lose some weight. For women, a waist circumference larger than 35 inches is one of the signs you should lose weight. If you don’t, you’re exposed to a higher risk of developing heart disease. Excessive belly fat can also increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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  • Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid for Oily Skin
    Posted In Body and Skin Care / Perfect Skin
    Published On 18 Nov 2014

    Whether you’re dealing with acne and clogged pores or not, maintaining oily skin can be tricky. You don’t want visible shine, but you also don’t want to dry your skin too much, which ends up backfiring and producing more sebum.

    Learn more about the biggest skin care mistakes to avoid for oily skin, and you’ll be able to avoid them completely and keep your complexion beautiful and radiant, without any excess sebum.

    Skipping Moisturizer

    You can’t avoid a good moisturizer, no matter how hard you try. Once you clean your skip by stripping it of its natural oils, it can quickly dry out, which means that the oil glands in your skin will work overtime to compensate. Water-based, non-comedogenic moisturizers are your best choice, and products that contain glycerin are particularly effective for oily skin.

    Using a Drying Cleanser

    Even with the proper amount of moisturizer, your skin can still get too dry because of ingredients in your facial cleanser. Using cleansers with sulfates is definitely one of the biggest skin care mistakes to avoid for oily skin. They’re dangerous chemicals that will have a harsh drying effect effect. Instead, opt for sulfate-free cleansers, that use ingredients like sodium lauryl oat amino acids.

    Exfoliating Too Much or Too Often

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  • Kim Kardashian’s Most Outrageous Moments
    Posted In Entertainment / Celeb News
    Published On 13 Nov 2014

    Making the cover of Vogue magazine with husband Kanye West and naming her baby North, as suggested by Anna Wintour, were big moments in Kim Kardashian’s career as a brand, but the reality TV star never shied away from even bigger controversies.

    Discover a few of Kim Kardashian’s most outrageous moments, from her Paper magazine shoot to her butt X-ray and the scandal of promotional tweets. Check out the song that began and ended her music career and find out more about the Kardashian endorsed prepaid MasterCard with hidden fees.

    Going Full Frontal for Paper Magazine

    Just days after showing her butt on the cover of Paper magazine, Kim Kardashian delivered on her #BreakingTheInternet promise.

    Kim Kardashian Paper Mag
    Kim Kardashian Naked In Paper Mag

    The reality TV star went full frontal for the photo shoot, causing her fans and detractors to engage in an all out online war. Kim posed for Playboy magazine before, but the new shoot caused uproar from many who believe that since she’s a mother, she shouldn’t do nudity.

    Announcing Her Divorce After 72 Days

    Kim Kardashian Marriage

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  • How to Wear Ankle Boots This Season
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Style Tips
    Published On 05 Nov 2014

    Finding the most flattering ankle boots that are also in line with the latest trends may seem like a daunting task, but with a few pro tips, it’s actually easier than you think. Discover how you can rock ankle boots, whether you prefer stilettos or chunky heels.

    Learn how to wear ankle boots to complete your style in a flattering way. From the latest trends to the best ways to pair them with skirts, dresses, pants and leggings, here’s what you need to know about ankle boots this fall.

    Choosing Your Trendy Ankle Boots

    A classic option that can be flattering for most body types, ankle boots come in all shapes and sizes, but you should always pay attention to the latest trends. For Fall-Winter 2014/2015, chunky block heels, lace ups and animal prints are among the biggest trends. 

    Don’t be afraid to go for embellished ankle boots that seem a bit over the top, since this season’s trends are all about being daring.

    Ankle Boots Outfit
    photo: Ruby_1203

    Picking Flattering Ankle Boots

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  • The Secrets All Happy Couples Have in Common
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Relationship Advice
    Published On 04 Nov 2014

    Any relationship needs work, and even if you think you’ve found your soul mate things can’t always be perfect on their own. If you’re really invested in the state of your relationship, here’s what you can do to keep it happy in the long run.

    Discover the most important secrets of happy couples and try to apply them to your relationship. With these simple tips, you’ll be able to navigate any conflicts and keep your connection strong. Try adopting these habits of happy couples and you’ll be glad you did.

    1. Focusing on the Good Things

    Nobody’s perfect, and your partner will always do things that disappoint you, but the key to a healthy and happy relationship is to not go looking for those things. Appreciating the good sides of your partner in an active way as opposed to criticising what he does wrong can lead to a more fulfilling relationship for both of you in the long run.

    2. Using Terms of Endearment

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  • 10 Best Maternity Clothes Hacks
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Style Tips
    Published On 04 Nov 2014

    Maternity clothes are often overpriced and their use is very limited. Instead of breaking the bank to build a whole new wardrobe for yourself during pregnancy, try a few hacks that can help you save money and get the most out of your closet.

    With the help of the best maternity clothes hacks, you’ll be able to feel both stylish and comfortable, while also saving up for buying onesies for your baby. Find out how to make the right choices for your maternity wardrobe with these simple life hacks.

    1. Make the Best Out of Your Closet

    Before you go on a shopping spree for maternity clothing, dig deep into your wardrobe and find any clothes that might work for your changing body. Empire waist dresses, bigger pants, low-rise jeans, A-line tops and dresses, leggings, oversized blazers, and maxi dresses are all perfect way to keep your current style without spending too much on maternity clothes.

    2. Accept That You Don’t Have to Wear “Maternity”

    Avoid the price premium of maternity clothing by simply making the right choices. Use one of the best maternity clothes hacks and shop for flowy and loose tops that you can still wear, possibly with a belt, after your pregnancy. Before you start shopping in specialty stores, hit the regular ones, and look for transition clothes that’s bigger that your current size and really comfortable.

    Diy Maternity Top

    3. Try Men’s Undershirts

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  • How to Deal with Dating a Single Father
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Relationship Advice
    Published On 04 Nov 2014

    When you’re dating a single dad, things are a lot more complicated than you might think at first. You’re not only dating a guy, you’re also auditioning for a part in the family.

    Find out how to deal with dating a single father and navigate the dangers of this complicated relationship. From managing your expectations to knowing how to respect his boundaries when it comes to his child or children, here’s what you can expect from a relationship with a single parent.

    Understand the Situation

    Before you get excited, it’s important to be realistic about it. A single dad won’t have a lot of time for a relationship and his finances will also be prioritized more towards his children than towards extravagant dates or trips. Decide if you’re open emotionally to a complicated situation before you meet the kids, so you don’t end up hurting anyone.

    Be Prepared to Be No. 2

    Whether it’s time or money, a big part of learning to deal with dating a single father is accepting the fact that you’ll always be his second priority. You shouldn’t be resentful about the fact that you can’t be his top priority and you shouldn’t try to portray yourself as a victim because of it. If you can’t deal with the situation, you shouldn’t be dating a single parent.

    Don’t Get Jealous About His Ex

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  • 10 Signs You Need to Change Your Hairdresser
    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Professional Hair Tips
    Published On 04 Nov 2014

    The most obvious reason to change your hair stylist has to do with their expertise. If they specialize in long hair and you’ve decided to get a pixie cut, there should be no hard feelings when you part ways. However, things are more complicated than that most of the time.

    Learn how to spot the signs you need to change your hairdresser and you might improve the state of your hair with a simple change. Loyalty is important, but sometimes other things come first, and that’s when you need a new hair stylist.

    1. You’re Facing Big Communication Problems

    Dealing with communication issues can get difficult, and sometimes the easiest way to solve the problem is to change your hair stylist. When your hairdresser doesn’t take the time to listen to what you have to say or they seem to get it but the end result shows that they didn’t, you might be happier finding someone with better communication skills.

    2. You Feel Rushed

    You shouldn’t surprise your hair stylist with a request for a new color when you just go in for a trim. However, when they know in advance what you need and they hurry just to make the next appointment, that’s one of the signs you need to change your hairdresser. Some hair stylists work better under pressure, but when you feel rushed and don’t get the result you want, there’s a problem.

    3. Your Example Photo Is Ignored

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  • 10 Ways to Ruin Your Self Tanning
    Posted In Body and Skin Care / Self Tanning
    Published On 04 Nov 2014

    When you’ve decided to use self tanner to get the perfect sun kissed glow, knowing how to apply it correctly is very important. But even if you’ve done it before successfully, you might run into trouble, so it’s important to know how to avoid and fix any problems.

    Learn more about the biggest self tanning mistakes and find the perfect solutions to keep them from ruining your gorgeous tan. From preparing your skin carefully to getting a uniform look, here’s what you need to know.

    1. Trying Self Tanner Before a Big Event

    Stick to the brands that worked for you in the past if you’re planning or using it right before a big event. Otherwise, if you’re just starting out with self tanner, you better start using it in advance in order to get the desired effect. Exfoliate well 24 hours before using self tanning products and avoid the same-day application so you’ll have time to correct any mistakes, especially if you’re planning on wearing white.

    2. Ignoring the Face/Body Recommendation

    Avoid one of the biggest self tanning mistakes by sticking to facial products for your face and body products for everywhere else. Mixing them up might end up as a crucial error. Also, it’s better if you use face and body self tanning products from the same brand, so you know that you’ll get an even finish. Using two different brands can create different tones for your face and body.

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  • How to Kick Your Soda Habit for Good
    Posted In Fitness and Diet / Healthy Diets
    Published On 04 Nov 2014

    When you’re drinking more soda than water every day, you may have a problem. If you’ve decided to scale back or quit soda altogether, you’ll have to face some serious withdrawal symptoms, related to both caffeine and sugar, if you’re not into diet soda.

    Find out how to quit soda with the least amount of discomfort and replace it with better habits. Whether you’re drawn to it for the caffeine, sugar or fizz, here’s how you can kick the habit for good.

    Figure Out Why You’re Addicted to It

    The most important step in giving up soda is figuring out what’s drawing you to it. Both sugar and caffeine are mildly addictive, but drinking too much soda can also be a social habit. If you drink it throughout the whole day, then it’s probably more about the stimulants, or if you usually go for soda in the afternoon you need the energy boost or the reward in the middle of a stressful day.

    Accept the Long Term Effects of Soda

    One of the major steps you need to take when you’re wondering how to quit soda is to accept that it’s bad for you when you don’t drink it in moderation. Even diet sodas that are completely sugar free can contribute to weight gain, and the acidity in most sodas can have a very harmful effect on the enamel of your teeth in the long run.

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  • 10 Signs Your Hair Is Damaged
    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Professional Hair Tips
    Published On 28 Oct 2014

    There are many ways in which you can inflict damage on your hair, from styling it with heat to chemical processing, but the effects of your mistakes take time to really show themselves.

    Once you get used to seeing the signs your hair is damaged early on, you can do something about quickly to prevent further problems. Find out how to test your hair and see just how it’s doing before spending money on expensive treatments that promise to fix the problem.

    1. You’re Noticing Split Ends After a Haircut

    Split ends are a clear sign of damaged hair, but what you should be looking out for is the time it takes for them to appear after a trim. Once you get it cut, your hair should be free of split ends for at least a month, and up to two for many women. Even if you’re trying to grow it out, it’s important that you pay attention to split ends and get a trim every few months.

    2. It's Getting Dry and Frizzy

    When the weather wreaks more havoc on your hair than ever before, and you start noticing that your hair is increasingly frizzy, that’s one of the most obvious signs your hair is damaged. Dry hair is always more prone to getting frizzy, so if you’re sticking to the same hair care regimen but your hair is reacting differently, there might be a problem.

    3. It Breaks Off in the Middle

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  • Celebrities Who Have Their Own Private Jet
    Posted In Entertainment / Celeb News
    Published On 28 Oct 2014

    Private jets can be very expensive, both for the initial investment and for the upkeep, but for some celebrities they’re worth it, even if they’re not usually environmentally responsible. While some billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg prefer to charter, many others decided they wanted to own their own means of air travel.

    Check out a few celebrities who have their own private jet, and find out how they travel. From Jay-Z and Oprah to stars like John Travolta and Tom Cruise, who are also trained pilots, here are the A-listers top the list of celebrity private jet owners.


    When Jay-Z celebrated his first Father’s Day in 2012, Beyoncé decided to go all out. The singer bought her husband a $40 million private jet. 

    Jay Z Private Jet

    The Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet includes a living room, bedroom, kitchen and two bathrooms. Other celebrities might have bought a used plane, but Jay-Z’s private jet was purchased brand new.

    Celine Dion

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