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  • Emmy Awards 2015 Red Carpet Trends
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Celebrity Fashion Style
    Published On 21 Sep 2015

    The red carpet at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles was bursting with bold fashion choices at the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards. From gorgeous gowns to sexy jumpsuits, dozens of A-listers delivered a wide variety of great looks.

    Discover the big Emmy Awards 2015 red carpet trends, and see some of the best dressed actresses from the ceremony. Bright pinks and yellows made a big splash on a hot day, yet plenty of celebs stuck to classic neutrals with beautiful embellishments. Here are some of the best looks from the Emmys.

    Stunning Metallics

    Kerry Washington usually sticks to Prada for big events, but the “Scandal” star took a risk and it paid off big time. Her Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 look mixed chain-mail detailing and paillettes for a stunning effect. 

    Metallic Dresses Emmys 2015

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  • MTV VMA 2015 Red Carpet – Most Memorable Looks
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Celebrity Fashion Style
    Published On 31 Aug 2015

    Held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards took outrageous red carpet looks to the next level, and host Miley Cyrus set the tone with some pretty crazy fashion choices.

    Check out the MTV VMA 2015 red carpet most memorable looks, from the best dressed celebrities to A-listers who got pummeled by fashion critics. From Taylor Swift to Kim Kardashian West, see the most impressive red carpet looks.

    Miley Cyrus

    As the host of the awards ceremony, Miley Cyrus went for broke. The singer wore multiple Jeremy Scott creations on stage, but for the red carpet she opted for custom Versace. 

    Miley Cyrus 2015 Video Music Awards

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  • Amazing Celebrity Face Mashups by Pedro Berg Johnsen
    Posted In Entertainment / Celeb News
    Published On 27 Aug 2015

    If you’ve ever wondered how celebrity babies would look like, but also want to see some unlikely pairings, check out some of the best celebrity face mashups. With the help of mad Photoshop skills, most of these pairings will surprise and delight you.

    Created by Pedro Berg Johnsen ThatNordicGuy and published on DeviantArt.com, these celebrity face mashups take your favorite celebrities and create new ones, who definitely deserve a look. Whether you’re looking for a new fan fiction pairing or just want to see some celebrity Photoshop fun, here are some of the best mashups around.

    Elizabeth Olsen and Scarlett Johanson

    Seen together on screen in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow are definitely a good fit. 

    Elizabeth JohanssonElizabeth Olsen And Scarlett Johanson Face Mashup

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  • How to Tell Him You Cheated
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Relationship Advice
    Published On 26 Aug 2015

    Opening up about an infidelity can be very difficult, but you should always do it yourself if there’s a risk of him finding out another way. The Ashley Madison hack may cause trouble in a lot of relationships, whether the site’s users actually cheated or decided they wouldn’t after signing up.

    When you’re trying to figure out how to tell him you cheated, there are a few steps you can take to make the process easier for both of you. Here’s what you should take into account.

    Decide You’re Doing It for the Right Reasons

    You might think that honesty is the best way to go, but that’s not always the case. If you’ve contracted a STD after carelessly having unprotected sex with another guy, then you don’t have a choice, and you have to come clean.

    However, if you feel that your partner knowing about your one night stand or affair that ended will destroy your relationship and your family, you might consider keeping it to yourself. When you’re certain it will not happen again, and you’ve found a new appreciation for your guy, telling him you cheated might not be the best way to go.

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  • 10 Fashion Trends Started by Celebrities
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Celebrity Fashion Style
    Published On 18 Aug 2015

    Even before Hollywood films had sound, women everywhere wanted to emulate the style of their favorite movie stars. Trends started growing and disappeared faster and faster, and plenty of iconic looks became major trends over the years.

    Check out some of the biggest fashion trends started by celebrities in the past 30 years, iconic looks that got the big push into the mainstream thanks to A-listers that yielded their influence on the small screen or through the music industry.

    1. Sarah Jessica Parker – Manolos

    “Sex and the City” was a true game-changer in the fashion industry, and Sarah Jessica Parker’s character became synonymous with taking big style risks, including the iconic pink tutu. However, Carrie’s biggest style influence was turning Manolo Blahnik into a superstar. 

    Sarah Jessica Parker Manolo Blahnik Shoes

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  • Amal Clooney’s Style: Best Looks
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Celebrity Fashion Style
    Published On 18 Aug 2015

    A Lebanese-British lawyer, activist, and author, Amal Alamuddin married George Clooney in 2014, and she hasn’t hesitated to accompany him to red carpet events looking like an A-lister herself.

    See some of Amal Clooney’s best looks, from the style extravaganza she pulled off at her Venice wedding to movie premieres and charitable events. Her husband perfected his red carpet style a long time ago, but Amal managed to jump right in and quickly impress fashion critics with her sartorial choices.

    ‘Tomorrowland’ Tokyo Premiere

    Accompanying her husband on a promo tour in Japan, Amal Clooney definitely pulled out all the stops in a custom Maison Margiela dress designed by John Galliano. 

    Amal Clooney ‘Tomorrowland’ Tokyo Premiere

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  • 10 Healthiest Foods to Eat During Pregnancy
    Posted In Pregnancy and Parenting / Pregnancy Advice
    Published On 17 Aug 2015

    Sticking to lean meat and avoiding raw seafood and sprouts are among the most common pieces of advice when it comes to your pregnancy diet. But with the help of the right prenatal power foods, you can make sure that you’re eating the best, not just avoiding the things that can harm your baby.

    Find out more about the healthiest foods to eat during pregnancy, foods that will keep you in shape and feed your baby during the very important developmental stages before birth. These pregnancy must-eat foods deliver the right nutrients at the right time.


    They’re a great source of potassium, which helps when you’re experiencing pregnancy fatigue, but bananas also pack fibre and vitamin C. These fruits are a great snack throughout your pregnancy, but they can be particularly useful in your first trimester, since they also contain plenty of vitamin B6, which can reduce the symptoms of morning sickness.


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  • 10 Signs Your Relationship Is in a Rut
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Relationship Advice
    Published On 17 Aug 2015

    Most long term relationships survive more than one rut, but it’s important to identify it and do something about it before it turns into a bigger problem. Learn to spot the signs of a rut in order to course correct and get your relationship back on track.

    Find out which are the most important signs your relationship is in a rut. Once you’ve accepted that things aren’t moving in the right direction, you can make plans together to spend more quality time together and get some excitement back into your relationship.

    1. The Cute Things Are Gone

    You can’t expect the infatuation from the beginning of a relationship to last a lifetime, but it’s important to show your appreciation for each other regularly. If he stopped buying you flowers or surprising you with other little things, and you’ve stopped doing the small things he loves, it’s time for a change. Start by doing cute things for him, and if he doesn’t get the hint, be more direct about what you expect from your guy.

    2. Your Sexual Chemistry Is Vanishing

    When sex starts to feel like a chore or you just can’t synchronize when it comes to when, where and how, you’re seeing major signs your relationship is in a rut. Every relationship has dry spells, whether they’re caused by medical issues or pregnancy and childbirth, but having an active sex life can help you stay emotionally connected in the long run.

    3. You’re Comparing Him to Other Guys

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  • Sunburn Relief Hacks That Work!
    Posted In Body and Skin Care / Acne and Skin Problems
    Published On 17 Aug 2015

    Whether you planned on getting a natural tan or simply forgot to use sunscreen, sunburn is very unpleasant. Drinking plenty of water and taking ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Nurofen etc.) should be the first step in treating it, but there are many life hacks that can make thinks easier.

    Instead of using an over the counter sunburn relief, try these excellent and natural solutions. With the right DYI sunburn relief hacks, you’ll be able to fight all the symptoms of this issue, and they can even help you sleep better when you’re experiencing pain.

    Spray Apple Cider Vinegar

    You can add it to your bathwater or dilute it with water and apply it directly to your skin with a soft washcloth. Apple cider vinegar is anti-inflammatory and it’s also a natural antiseptic that can soothe your skin. For instant relief on the go, simply fill a spray bottle with apple cider vinegar and the same quantity of water and spray it on the sunburned areas.

    Try Black Tea

    Antioxidants can help fight the free radical damage on your skin, so any tea with a high content is good for sunburn, but black tea has the strongest effect, because it’s also rich in tannic acid. Once you brew and cool it off, there are three sunburn relief hacks you can use. You can apply the tea bags directly on your skin, you can use a washcloth to apply it (but remember that it will permanently stain fabrics), or you can add it to your bathwater.

    Use Cool Aloe Vera Gel

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  • Teen Choice Awards 2015 Red Carpet
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Celebrity Fashion Style
    Published On 17 Aug 2015

    Held at the USC Galen Center in Los Angeles, the Teen Choice Awards 2015 showcased plenty of cool fashion, erring on the fun and cute side, but the red carpet also had plenty of surprises and more sophisticated looks.

    The teens spoke, and Paul Walker, who had great flair for casual looks, won Choice Actor posthumously for his role in “Furious 7”. His co-star Jordana Brewster may have walked away empty handed, but she definitely scored some style points at the event. Check out her look and many more from the Teen Choice Awards 2015 red carpet.

    Chloë Grace Moretz in Gucci

    The 18 year old actress won the Choice Movie Actress award in the Drama category for her role in “If I Stay”, but her look was also a winner. 

    Chloe Moretz 2015 Teen Choice Awards

    Moretz, who’s had plenty of gorgeous red carpet looks over the years, opted for a Gucci Resort 2016 dress and Casadei sandals. She completed her look with a Gucci ring and a red lip.

    Jordana Brewster in Ulyana Sergeenko

    Jordana Brewster 2015 Teen Choice Awards

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  • Man Buns: How to Grow, Style and Wear a Man Bun
    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Newest Hairstyle Trends
    Published On 07 Aug 2015

    They’re taking over the easiest way to keep longer hair out of your eyes and score some cool points instantly. Man buns are flattering for most face shapes, and whether you prefer them high or low, they’re equally trendy.

    Learn how to get the perfect man bun, from growing out your hair to the options you have when it’s already quite long. From celebrities who rock different man buns styles to the ways you can make it your own, here’s everything you need to know about the man bun.

    Find Inspiration with the Best Celebrity Man Buns

    While the mainstream appeal of the trend is quite new, some celebrities have been rocking the man bun for years. David Beckham first made it cool on the field, but it’s celebrities like Jared Leto and Harry Styles who introduced it to a new audience. 

    Jared Leto Man Bun

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  • Celebrity Non Shavers Who Embrace Their Body Hair
    Posted In Entertainment / Celeb News
    Published On 07 Aug 2015

    While going out in public without shaving your legs or armpits is still a strong statement, that can turn a lot of heads, more and more celebrities are embracing the au naturale look. Dyed armpit hair is a growing trend on social media, but plenty of start have abandoned the razor without thinking of neon colors.

    Find out more about the celebrities who don’t shave, from Miley Cyrus’ bold armpit hair color to Cameron Diaz’ take on living the rest of your life with a “hairless vagina”.

    Miley Cyrus

    Definitely a champion of armpit hair, Miley has even complained that it has been photoshopped out of certain pictures. On Instagram, the singer thanked controversial fashion photographer Terry Richardson for keeping it real, but later deleted her comment: 

    Mmiley Cyrus Armpit Hair

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  • 10 Questions to Ask Him Before Marriage
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Relationship Advice
    Published On 07 Aug 2015

    Getting married is a big step, and there’s no guarantee that it’ll work in the long run. However, by taking a few steps to ensure you’re truly compatible, you can reduce the risk of making the wrong call. Don’t pull out your list of questions right as he proposes, but make sure you discuss these very important topics early on.

    Don’t skip the important questions to ask him before marriage, or you might end regretting that you didn’t get to know him better before making this big commitment.

    1. What’s Marriage to You?

    The marriage certificate gives both of you important rights, from becoming the next of kin and making decisions for your partner if he’s ever incapable of making them himself to plenty of tax breaks. Beyond that, define your marriage together. Does it mean sexual monogamy? Does it mean spending every single evening together? It’s important to be on the same page about your commitment.

    2. Are We Best Friends?

    Your significant other doesn’t have to fill every emotional and intellectual need you have, but it’s really important that your connection is the most important in your life. Respecting your guy and his opinions more than anyone else’s and vice versa is a really fundamental part of a relationship that’s ready to move forward, and that’s why this is one of the big questions to ask him before marriage.

    3. Do We Agree on Sharing Responsibilities?

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  • How to Put on Makeup Without a Mirror
    Posted In Makeup / Makeup Tips
    Published On 27 Jul 2015

    Whether you want to bring your makeup from day to night or simply start from scratch, doing it without a mirror is a daunting task. However, if you’re dead set on looking your best and you don’t have any reflective surfaces around, you can still make it work with the right tricks.

    Find out how to put on makeup without a mirror successfully. You might need to make some compromises, when it comes to products and colors, but all of them play a big part in making sure that you look great.

    Think Twice About Your Base

    Foundation can be very tricky to blend when you don’t have a mirror. You can risk having your look ruined right at the start or you can opt for a base that’s easier to blend. A tinted moisturizer or a BB or CC cream is definitely a safer bet. With less pigment, you’ll be able to blend it evenly with a lot less effort, and make sure that you’re streak-free.

    Stick to Cream Formulas

    When you get to adding color, especially eyeshadow and blush, while you put on makeup without a mirror, it’s important to stick to creams. You can get a sheer finish with cream easier than with powder, which means any small mistakes will be less noticeable. Sticking to more pale or neutral shades is also a very good idea.

    Apply Powder Correctly

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  • Celebrities Turned Entrepreneurs
    Posted In Entertainment / Celeb News
    Published On 27 Jul 2015

    Some A-listers prefer to stick to one career, while other celebrities decide to branch out and become very successful entrepreneurs. Most of them used their fame to build a brand, but managed to expand their reach and even create impressive business empires.

    Find out more about the biggest celebrities turned entrepreneurs, and how they succeeded in turning their initial fame into much more, even if their showbiz career took a back seat to their business ventures.

    Jessica Simpson

    Acting and singing took a back seat for Jessica Simpson in 2005, when she decided to branch out into fashion. Simpson has already released a line of edible cosmetics, but her new venture covered everything from clothes and fragrances to a bedroom decor line. 

    Jessica Simpson Celebrity Entrepreneur

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  • 10 Rules to Make Open Relationships Work
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Relationship Advice
    Published On 23 Jul 2015

    Regardless of the reasons you choose to have an open relationship, you can reduce the risk of things going wrong by setting up a few solid rules. It’s important to remember that opening things up as a last effort to save your relationship never works. Doing it when you’re in a good place emotionally is a much better decision.

    Once you pick the right moment, open relationship rules can be slightly difficult to set up. Good communication is very important, and so it always putting your partner first. Here are the best ways to create the rules and boundaries for the new phase in your relationship.

    1. Accept Jealousy

    It’s silly to go into an open relationship expecting that you’ll never feel jealous or insecure. If you discuss these feelings with your partner, without an accusatory tone, you’ll have an easier time processing them and brushing aside irrational insecurities.

    2. Get Specific

    Sticking to broad strokes when setting up open relationship rules can be a relationship for disaster. It’s important to go into details when it comes to who, when, where, and how is allowed. You also have to set up boundaries when it comes to discussing any events. Some couples like to share details, others prefer total detachment.

    3. Start Slowly

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  • Jealousy Does More Harm Than Good in a Relationship
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Relationship Advice
    Published On 23 Jul 2015

    Jealousy can sometimes help couples get closer. Showing more affection and care for your partner because you’re a bit jealous can contribute to the satisfaction level in your relationship, but too much of it can quickly cause issues.

    Some of the biggest dangers of jealousy threaten more than your happiness and your relationship. Extreme jealousy can rot your love from the inside, and it can also have a negative effect on your health. Find out more about the worst parts of jealousy and the way it will hurt you.

    You’re Putting Your Health at Risk

    When you’re constantly stressed out about your guy’s fidelity, your body is filled with stress hormones. This can affect the quality of your sleep, which in turn reduces your immunity. High blood pressure, along with ulcers are are also potential dangers when you spend too much time worrying and agonizing over his actions.

    You’re More Likely to Suffer from Alcoholism

    A new study published in the journal Additive Behaviors shows that people who are experiencing a lot of jealousy in their relationship are more likely to become alcoholics. Titled “The green eyed monster in the bottle: Relationship contingent self-esteem, romantic jealousy, and alcohol-related problems”, the study highlights one of the biggest dangers of jealousy, the risk of self-medication with alcoholic beverages when you let jealousy take over.

    Your Mental Health Might Be Affected

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  • Hairstyles to Make You Look Younger, Without Trying Too Hard...
    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Professional Hair Tips
    Published On 22 Jul 2015

    Whether you’re noticing your first lines or just want to make sure that your hairstyle isn’t adding years on your look, there are more things to consider than just the cut. The length and color are the most obvious elements that can age you or make you look younger, but you also need to know about the other factors that contribute to your look.

    Try some of the best hair tricks that make you look younger, and don’t allow your hair to let you down. Check out these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to more a more youthful hair and look.

    Choose the Length Carefully

    While the general consensus is that longer hair makes you look younger, that’s not always the case. It’s how your hair looks and feels, from shine to bounce, that really matter. If fine lines on your face are horizontal, you can benefit from longer hair at any age. However, if they go downward, you’re better off with a shorter length to look your best.

    Layered Hairstyle To Look Younger

    Try Face-Framing Layers

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  • Growing Out Your Bangs? You Need to Read This
    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Professional Hair Tips
    Published On 22 Jul 2015

    Bangs are great, but when you’re tired of them, growing them out can be quite a challenge. You’ll have to step up your hair care regimen and try some new things if you expect them to look great every day until they finally grow enough to stop being bangs.

    Check out some of the most useful growing out your bangs tips and tricks, and find the right solutions for your hair. From the right way to part your hair to dealing with the middle phase, when your bangs are both long and short, here are the best ways to handle your growing bangs.

    Trim Every Six Weeks

    You’re in a hurry, but you simply can’t skip the regular trims. When you’re dealing with split ends, you won’t be happy with the way your hair looks when it’s finally grown to your desired length. Ask your hair stylist to trim it accordingly when you’re done with the bangs. Thinning out the outer edges and the bottom will give you more styling options.

    Style with Clay

    Even if you prefer mousse or gel, the best styling products for your bangs have a bit of weight. Pomade is good, but hair clay is even better. This is one of the best growing out your bangs tips, since it will help you get a smoother look, and it will also reduce any flyaways by weighting down your hair a bit.

    Angled Part To Hide Bangs

    Deep Condition Regularly

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