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  • 7 Signs You Are PMSing
    Posted In Body and Skin Care / Top to Toe
    Published On 23 Jun 2015

    Unless you’re one of the few lucky women who seem to be living on a different planet, the warning signs of PMS are unmissable. It’s that time of the month to reconsider all your life choices and scream at your mirror. Here are the biggest signs that regularly remind you of PMSing, just in case you hit your head and forgot.

    1. The Muffin Top

    While cramps are their own torture, here comes the moment when your clothes don’t fit. Bloating makes you feel like the Michelin man. The skinny jeans that you wore yesterday now look and feel one size too small. Time to dig deep in your closet for those loose tops!

    2. Cravings Central

    Chocolate, ice cream, chips, and pizza are your new food groups! Even when you know how you’ll feel afterward, you just can’t help it. The sugar cravings are bad for your waistline any time. But the salt craving leads to even more bloating. And who can sleep after a late supper of 1,000 calories?

    3. Waxing Torture

    You planned your bikini waxing for this week and you can’t reschedule? Tough luck. Everything hurts more, but waxing is a nightmare when you’re PMSing. Wait for your period to be over or prepare to experience pain that’s usually reserved for child birth.

    4. Everyone Is Annoying

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  • Celebrities Who Don’t Consider Themselves Black
    Posted In Entertainment / Celeb News
    Published On 17 Jun 2015

    While Rachel Dolezal sticks by her identity as “black”, despite her Czech, German and Swedish ancestry, plenty of celebrities have trouble with that label, and aren’t afraid to discuss it publicly, despite social media backlash.

    Find out more about the celebrities who don’t consider themselves black, and decide for yourself if their reluctance has to do with personal beliefs or with the hope that they’re living in a post-racial world. Here are a few celebrities who reject the “black” label altogether.


    After growing up on the set of “The Cosby Show”, Raven-Symone courted controversy when she dropped hints about her sexual orientation, and only came out in support of gay marriage. 

    Raven Symone Doesnt Consider Herself Black

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  • CFDA Awards 2015 Best and Worst Dressed
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Celebrity Fashion Style
    Published On 02 Jun 2015

    The 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards, held at the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City, celebrated some of the biggest names in American fashion, but the red carpet was less impressive than it could have been.

    Pharrell Williams, honored as “Fashion Icon” by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, could easily make the CFDA Awards 2015 best or worst dressed lists, since he showed up in jeans and a blue leather jacket. However, plenty of other celebrities tried to bring a more sophisticated or fashion-forward look to the red carpet. Here are the most memorable fashion triumphs and fails at the CFDA Awards.

    Best: Chrissy Teigen

    Even though she suffered a wardrobe malfunction, when the center slit of her dress was torn a bit higher than intended, the model easily made the best dressed list at the 2015 CFDA Awards. 

    Chrissy Teigen Cfda 2015 Awards

    Crissy Teigen wore a strapless white Solace London gown that was the perfect mix of sophistication and edge.

    Worst: Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian Cfda 2015 Awards

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  • Celebrities Who Adopted Internationally
    Posted In Entertainment / Celeb News
    Published On 26 May 2015

    While international adoptions have been criticized for removing a child out of their own culture, plenty of celebrities choose to adopt children from foreign countries, some more impoverished than others.

    Find out more about the big celebrities who adopted internationally, either one child or more. From Angelina Jolie to Jim Caviezel, here are the celebs that chose to care for a child from a different region of the world.

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

    Even though her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton was falling apart, Angelina Jolie decided adopt to seven months old Maddox from Cambodgia on her own in 2002. She continued to adopt by herself in 2005, with six months old Zahara Marley from Ethiopia, and then 3 years old Pax Thien from Vietnam. 

    Jolie Pitts

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  • Eating Out but on a Diet? Here's How
    Posted In Fitness and Diet / Healthy Diets
    Published On 26 May 2015

    Sticking to your diet when you’re eating at a restaurant can be tricky, even if they respect all your dietary needs and wishes. If the trouble in your weight loss program is the fact that you eat too few home cooked meals, you can still make progress by sticking to a few rules.

    Check out the best weight loss tips for eating out, and you won’t have to turn down invitations just because you don’t think you can stick to your plan when the menu and the bread sticks are a constant temptation.

    Be Prepared

    Deciding what you’re going to eat before you get there is one of the wisest things you can do in order to stick to your diet. If the restaurant or the diner doesn’t have a website, you can wing it the first time, but always pick up a take out menu when you leave. Look for the healthiest options on the menu and choose the one that sounds the most appetizing right now.

    Stick to Portion Control

    Even when you’re eating at a restaurant that’s serving only light dishes, portions are probably still much bigger than you need for a meal. Based on how big the portion is, stop once you finish between 50% and 75% of what’s on your plate. Knowing when to stop and taking the rest with you in a doggy bag is one of the best weight loss tips for eating out.

    Avoid the Extra Calories

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  • Working Out Without Breaking Out!
    Posted In Body and Skin Care / Acne and Skin Problems
    Published On 26 May 2015

    With the help of a few good skincare and gym tips, you can prevent post-workout breakouts. Whether the problem area is your face or you’re dealing with workout related acne in other places on your body, the basics are the same.

    Find out how to prevent exercise breakouts and make sure that you’re getting the exercise you want, but your skin won’t suffer for it. Take a look at the best tips that help you forget about breakouts that happen after you sweat while exercising.

    Skip the Makeup

    When you’re exercising, your face should not be covered by makeup, because that’s one of the main causes of post-workout breakouts. If you want some touch-ups without having makeup clog your pores, opt for a little loose mineral powder, since it’s the best non-comedogenic option. Anything else can contribute to acne and breakouts.

    Cleanse Your Face Carefully Afterwards

    Scrubbing your skin is a really bad idea about an intense workout, but you do need to clean it. Prevent exercise breakouts by using a gentle cleanser and being gentle to your skin. Dry it by blotting with a soft towel. When you’re taking a shower, always remember to wash your face last, after you’ve rinsed any shampoo or conditioner from your hair.

    Fight Friction

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  • 10 Habits That Hurt Your Relationship
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Relationship Advice
    Published On 26 May 2015

    Everyone knows that lying all the time or constantly comparing your guy to other men can have a negative impact on your relationship, but there are plenty of other habits that are considered more harmless, yet they can be just as toxic.

    Check out some of the worst habits that hurt your relationship. They might not have a huge effect in the short run, but if you don’t shake them, these habits can end up chipping at the foundation of your relationship and lead to its end.

    1. Always Trying to Improve Him

    Giving positive feedback and pushing each other to be better people is very important in every relationship, but there’s a line that you shouldn’t cross. By always being focused on changing and improving him, you’re sending the message that he was never good enough for you without the extra work. Sooner or later, this will create big problems in your relationship.

    2. Taking Him for Granted

    One of the worst habits that hurt your relationship is taking him, and his small gestures of love and affection for granted. By not thanking him when he’s doing something you appreciate, you’re turning those things into the norm, and they can become expectations. Make sure that you tell him and show him how much you appreciate him on a regular basis.

    3. Criticizing His Family and Friends Constantly

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  • 10 Signs You're Overtraining
    Posted In Fitness and Diet / Exercises
    Published On 25 May 2015

    Whether you’re training for a marathon or trying to lose weight, working out too much can end having more than a few negative effects on your body, and even your state of mind. Overtraining can lead to life-threatening complications, like ketoacidosis, but there are plenty of red flags that you should notice before that point.

    Discover the most common signs you’re overtraining, and make sure that you’re giving your muscles enough rest to rebuild themselves.

    1. You Struggle to Finish Your Workout

    When you notice that your progress has peaked and you’re finding it hard to get through your workout routine, even when you keep switching muscle groups, there’s a problem. Overtraining your body isn’t just something that happens to athletes. When you feel like you’re experiencing regression in your efforts, it’s time to take a step back and give yourself a little rest.

    2. Your Motivation Is Wavering

    One of the biggest signs you’re overtraining is losing your motivation even though nothing else has changed. Loss of competitive drive is another sign that there’s a problem with your workout regimen or that you’re simply doing too much. The lack of motivation can also affect other areas of your life, including dieting.

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  • What NOT to Wear as a Wedding Guest
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Style Tips
    Published On 25 May 2015

    When you want to look your best at a wedding, it’s important to respect the wishes of the bride and groom, but there’s more to the right look than just sticking to the dress code. Whether it’s a beach or a country club wedding, the basics of what not to wear are similar.

    Discover some of the most common wedding guest style mistakes, and make sure you’re not making them yourself. By avoiding these wedding fashion faux pas, you’re guaranteed a suitable look for the ceremony and reception.

    Wearing White

    Unless the wedding invitation specifically notes that white is allowed or even recommended, it should never be among your choices for the right wedding look. More and more celebrity brides are using white for the bridesmaid dresses, but you don’t want to match the brides or the bridesmaids by choosing the same color. Off white is skirting the line, so the father it is from immaculate white, the better.

    Wedding Guest Wearing White

    Choosing a Club Dress

    If it’s great for a night of clubbing, it’s probably not a good choice for a wedding reception. One of the biggest wedding guest style mistakes is opting for dressed that are perfect for a girls night out, but not so suitable for a reception, even if it’s an informal one.

    Too Tight Wedding Guest

    Going Too Tight

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  • Best Dressed Celebrities at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Celebrity Fashion Style
    Published On 25 May 2015

    One of the most glamorous red carpets in the world, the Cannes Film Festival brings a more international flavor to high fashion, with celebrities from all over the world wearing gorgeous haute couture gowns.

    See a few of the best looks from the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival, worn by actresses and models from the US, Europe and Asia. Here are the best dressed celebrities at Cannes 2015, who took the red carpet fashion to the next level.

    Marion Cotillard

    The Academy Award winner brought her fashion A-game to Cannes. Her most sophisticated look was a Dior Couture gown, worn at the red carpet premiere of “The Little Prince” (“Le Petit Prince”). 

    Marion Cotillard Cannes 2015 Best Dressed

    The off-the-shoulder creation in black and light blue was perfectly accessorized with a Chopard bracelet and an elegant updo covered with flecks of gold.

    Cate Blanchett

    Cate Blanchett Cannes 2015 Best Dressed

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  • Can These Celebs Make Fanny Packs Cool Again?
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Celebrity Fashion Style
    Published On 21 May 2015

    Called “the hottest product of the year” by Adweek Magazine in 1988, fanny packs are generally associated with the ugliest trends of the ‘90s, but designers keep trying to bring them back.

    Some celebrities love them without a trace of irony and have no qualms about being photographed with the accessory. Check out some of the best pics of celebrities wearing fanny packs, and find out what some of them had to say about the “belted satchel”.

    Jared Leto

    Many look to the actor for style tips, at least when it comes to hair, and Jared Leto seems to be a big fan of the fanny pack. 

    Jared Leto Fanny Pack

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  • Celebrities Who Left Scientology
    Posted In Entertainment / Celeb News
    Published On 21 May 2015

    After the HBO documentary “Going Clear” exposed some aspects of Scientology that had not hit the mainstream, more and more people are trying to pressure celebrity members into speaking out against the controversial practices of the church.

    Celebrities who left Scientology are often the organization’s biggest enemies, even if they don’t publicly criticize it. Check out some of the biggest names who’ve left Scientology behind, or just took courses before deciding it’s not the right choice for them.

    Leah Remini

    “The King of Queens” actress Leah Remini is one of the biggest names who left the church in recent years. Remini opened up about it in an interview for “Oprah: Where Are They Now?”, explaining that: 

    Leah Remini Scientology

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  • Makeup Tips You Can Learn from Drag Queens
    Posted In Makeup / Makeup Tips
    Published On 21 May 2015


    It takes a lot for a drag queen to look flawless, whether it’s on stage in a club or on TV. From blending to finding tricks that get the job done quickly and perfectly, drag queens can end up knowing a lot more about makeup that many women.

    Check out some of the best makeup tips you can learn from drag queens, courtesy of RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants. Whether you’re a big fan or haven’t even heard of them, try their makeup and beauty tricks for a flawless look.

    Blend for a Polished Look

    Most makeup artists know that blending is the key to achieving a perfect look, and blending is probably the most important step. While plenty of brushes can help you, season 3 contestant Manilla Luzon likes to rely on something else. “You can spend $50 on a sickening brush from Sephora, but the best blending tool is usually your finger,” she explained in a YouTube makeup tutorial.

    You Betta Work That Mascara

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  • How to Make the First Trip Together as a Couple Amazing
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Relationship Advice
    Published On 20 May 2015

    When you’re in a new relationship taking a trip together, even if it’s just a weekend getaway can be stressful on both of you. Away from your routines, you might see your partner for who he really is and he might to the same.

    In order to enjoy your first trip together as a couple in the best way, it’s important to prepare and follow a few simple rules, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a road trip. Here are the right tips that can help you navigate this new situation and avoid any major conflict.

    Don’t Aim Too High

    If you’ve been dating for a short while, a weekend trip is the best option. A few months into the relationship, you should plan a four day, but it’s usually not wise to rush into a full week if you’ve been together for less than six months. Make sure that you’re both prepared for it, and you don’t commit to a long vacation right away.

    Compromise on the Location

    Going on a trip to a location that doesn’t really interest you at all is not a good idea. Relationships are about compromise, but your first trip together as a couple should be about both of you, not just someone doing something nice for the other. Make sure you’re both getting what you want out of it by choosing the right location.

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  • How to Make Your Legs Look Longer
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Style Tips
    Published On 20 May 2015

    When you feel like your style choices are making your legs look shorter, there are a few changes you can make in order to create the opposite illusion. Help your legs looks longer in leaner by choosing the right clothes and accessories in the right colors.

    Find out how to make your legs look longer with a few simple style tricks that can also help elongate your silhouette if you’re petite. From your neck to your shoes, here’s what you need to do in order to get longer legs.

    Go Monochromatic

    Wearing one color from head to toe creates a better visual impact for your legs, making them appear longer. You can also look taller by choosing a monochromatic look. 

    Monochromatic Outfit For Longer Legs
    photo: Stephanie K.

    Pairing contrasting colors on the top and bottom will have the opposite effect. If you go for head to toe black, the your entire silhouette will look extended with this simple trick.

    Keep Matching

    Nude Shoes For Longer Legs
    photo: Jessi M.

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  • 10 First Date Red Flags
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Flirting and Dating
    Published On 20 May 2015

    Trusting your instinct on the first date with a guy is very important. Even if you should give him a real chance, some warning signs show you that giving him another chance probably won’t pay off.

    Check out some of the biggest first date red flags, and decide for yourself if a single one or a combination of a few is enough to dismiss a guy altogether. Sometimes a bad day can make him act unlike himself on the first date, but most of the time these signs show some deeper issues that might make him wrong for you.

    1. He Drinks Too Much

    Sticking to a two drink maximum is a wise choice for both of you on the first date. Unless you’ve known each other for a long time, it’s disrespectful to get too tipsy or outright sloppy drunk. It doesn’t mean he necessarily has a problem with alcohol, but it does mean that he doesn’t respect you enough.

    2. He Won’t Let Go of His Phone

    One of the biggest first date red flags is the fact that he pays attention to his phone. Again, this is disrespectful on the first date, and it can show you two things. He’s either really preoccupied with his work and he’ll never really put you first, or he’s not that into you, so he doesn’t really care what you think.

    3. He Wants to Get Too Personal

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  • Celebrity Bridesmaids Who Totally Upstaged the Brides!
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Celebrity Fashion Style
    Published On 20 May 2015

    While most bridesmaid dresses are only worn once, plenty of celebrities who have stepped in the role of bridesmaid look amazing in them, and definitely fuel the idea that you can get more mileage out of the dress.

    Check out some of the best dressed celebrity bridesmaids and see what dresses they ended up wearing, whether they had a say in the matter or simply went with the bride’s choice. From casual chic to very elegant looks, here are some of the best celebrity bridesmaid dresses.

    The Badass Celebrity Bridesmaid: Rihanna

    Leave it to the style icon to look badass even in a bridesmaid dress. For the 2015 wedding of her assistant Jennifer Morales, Rihanna combines a girlish vibe with a cool edge in her lilac Badgley Mischka Couture gown. 

    Rihanna Bridesmaid 2015

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  • Celebrities Who Swear by Drinking a Lot of Water
    Posted In Fitness and Diet / Celebrity Diets
    Published On 14 May 2015

    Drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day is a recommendation you’ve heard often enough, but when you’re losing more water by sweating, you’ll need to supplement that. Remember that it’s more about the fluid intake, as long as you’re not drinking something that dehydrates you, like coffee or alcohol.

    Many celebrities who drink a lot of water take the rule very seriously, and some even drink more water than that, and take great care when it comes to the quality of water. Check out some of the best hydrated celebrities and find out more about their drinking habits.


    After giving birth to Blue Ivy, Beyoncé worked hard to drop the weight, and drinking plenty of water helped. The singer aimed to double the recommendation of 64 ounces a day. 

    Beyonce Drinking Water

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  • Celebrities Who Used a Surrogate
    Posted In Entertainment / Celeb News
    Published On 14 May 2015

    Many celebrities who have issues carrying to term naturally turn to a gestational carrier. While some try to keep it a secret, others don’t have a problem discussing it and thanking their surrogate publicly.

    Find out more about the celebrities who used a surrogate, from their reasons to their experience of motherhood without the baby bump. If you’re considering using a gestational carrier, here are the stars who’ve already done it.

    Nicole Kidman

    After getting married in 2006, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcomed a baby daughter two years later. The actress carried Sunday Rose to term, but had trouble getting pregnant for a second time. 

    Nicole Kidman Surrogate Baby

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