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  • 10 Selfie Tricks You Can Learn From Cats
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Style Tips
    Published On 24 Mar 2015

    Whether you’re taking them for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, great selfies aren’t easy to pull off. There are plenty of things you have to consider when taking a selfie and putting it up on social media or using it as a profile pic.

    In order to up your selfie game, take a look at a few selfie tricks you can learn from cats. They’re not just adorable, they can also show you what to do and what not to do when you’re trying to snap a selfie that will get all the likes.

    1. Choose the Right Background

    The last thing you want from a selfie is to be a great picture of you that’s ruined by some nasty detail in the background. Always check the background and make sure that there’s nothing that can reflect poorly on you. 

    1. Choose The Right Background

    Finding the perfect selfie spot isn’t easy, so when you’re in a beautiful location, don’t hesitate to snap a few.

    2. Check the Light

    2. Check The Light

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  • 10 Signs You’re on the Wrong Diet
    Posted In Fitness and Diet / Healthy Diets
    Published On 19 Mar 2015

    Even when weight loss is your goal, a diet can achieve that while also creating a lot of problems and stress for you. Recognizing that a particular diet is not suited to your lifestyle is very important early on, so you can try something else, that’s more suitable to your needs.

    Check out some of the biggest signs you’re on the wrong diet. If you spot any of these red flags, it’s important to reconsider if you’re going to stick with it. Here are the biggest clues that maybe a particular diet is the wrong choice.

    1. It’s Completely Different from Your Eating Habits

    Sometimes you need a big change in order to get results, but if you’re going for a complete 180 to your regular eating habits, you’re unlikely to stick to a new diet. Make sure that it’s compatible with your lifestyle before trying to lose weight with a new diet. Factor in cooking times and other big rules that could interfere with your life.

    2. It’s Affecting Your Social Life

    When you say no to invitations because you have to stick to your super strict eating plan, that’s probably one of the signs you’re on the wrong diet. Instead of expecting big results quickly, focus on making better choices about what you eat, without letting the diet interfere with the quality time you spend with friends, family and even co-workers.

    3. It’s Too Reliant on Prepackaged Meals

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  • Pharrell’s Most Stylish Moments
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Celebrity Fashion Style
    Published On 19 Mar 2015

    Honored by the Council of Fashion Designers of America with the Fashion Icon Award in 2015, Pharell Williams joins an iconic list of winners, including Rihanna, Kate Moss and Johnny Depp. “If cool was a person, it would be Pharrell, not just for his looks and sense of style but for his kindness and openness," CFDA president Diane von Furstenberg explained.

    Check out some of Pharrell’s most stylish moments, from the iconic Mountain Hat to other important fashion moments that solidified the musician’s impact in the fashion world.

    2015 Grammy Awards

    Showing on the red carpet in an Adidas look is a bad idea, unless you designed it yourself. Pharrell’s look was a bit casual, but the artist really managed to pull it off, accompanied by is wife Helen Lasichanh, who wore and Adidas onesie. 

    Pharrell 2015 Grammy Awards

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  • 10 Hairstyle Trends from the Fall 2015 Runways
    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Newest Hairstyle Trends
    Published On 18 Mar 2015

    From New York to Milan, the biggest fashion brands in the world showcased plenty of cool new trends at Fashion Week. If you already know what you’ll be wearing this fall, check out the big Fall 2015 hair trends and discover which ones fit your style best.

    Make sure your hair is just as trendy as your outfits by choosing one of the big hair trends that ruled the runways. From cool updos to more natural looks, and from bangs to pink streaks, here are the major hair trends to try this fall.

    Side Ponytails

    After making a big splash in the ‘80s in various incarnations, the side ponytail is making a comeback in a more sleek and natural way. 

    Side Ponytail Fall 2015 PradaSide Ponytails Fall 2015 Dior

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  • 10 Relationship Myths That Almost Everyone Perpetuates
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Relationship Advice
    Published On 17 Mar 2015

    Going into a relationship with preconceived notions is inevitable, but some of them can end up harming your chances for happiness. Some relationship myths haven’t just been busted for a while, they’ve also been proven to be detrimental to a couple.

    Find out which relationship myths you need to stop believing in, if you want a healthy and happy relationship. Drop these old fashioned myths and be realistic when it comes to communicating with your partner.

    1. You Can Be in Love Forever If You Meet the Right Guy

    A big part of falling in love is the newness of discovering someone very compatible. When you’re in love, your brain produces a lot more hormones that impact your mood. You can’t expect that to last forever, and the relationships that prove successful in the long run are those where both partner understand that the dopamine rush is only temporary.

    2. Finding the “Perfect Guy” Will Make You Feel Complete

    The most successful relationships are about couples where the partners are already happy or content on their own. You can choose to believe in a soul mate, but it’s a mistake to get lost in one of the worst relationship myths, which claims that the right partner can make you feel complete. You need different things from different people, so don’t expect your guy to be your everything.

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  • 10 Foods That You Keep in the Fridge, but Shouldn't
    Posted In Fitness and Diet / Healthy Diets
    Published On 16 Mar 2015

    Keeping some cosmetics in the fridge is a good idea, particularly eye cream, but in order to make room for them, you should take out the foods that keep just as well outside, in a warmer temperature, without spoiling too soon.

    Discover the foods that don’t need to be refrigerated, and find out why they don’t belong in your fridge. From fruits and vegetables that need to riper at room temperature to foods that already have the right preservatives to keep outside the fridge, here’s what you should start storing in your pantry.


    The only reason to keep bananas inside your refrigerator is to slow down the ripening process. However, keeping them at room temperature is better for more than one reason. Storing bananas in the refrigerator will make their peels turn brown, and they can also contribute to other fruits ripening faster. Don’t store them in plastic bags or containers, unless you want to speed up the ripening process.

    Peanut Butter

    While completely natural peanut butter should be stored in cooler conditions, regular peanut butter is one of the foods that don’t need to be refrigerated. Keep it in your pantry, as it will stay good for months after opening. Just make sure that you use clean knives or spoons when using it, and don’t leave any crumbs behind.


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  • 10 Brilliant Hacks for Frizzy Hair
    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Professional Hair Tips
    Published On 16 Mar 2015

    Fighting frizz can be difficult if you don’t adjust your hair care routine to prevent all the possible causes that contribute to it. With the help of a few life hacks, you’ll be able to keep frizz under control and make sure that your hair always looks your best.

    Try some of the best frizzy hair hacks in order to keep your hair in check. From simple ways of taming frizz on the run to an app that gives you all the info you need about the impact the weather will have on your hair, here are the frizzy hair life hacks you need.

    1. Use a Toothbrush to Apply Hairspray

    While hairspray can be the perfect way to control frizz, you can easily go too far and end up with a stiff hairstyle. The right way to fight flyaways is to focus on the problem areas. Apply a little hairspray on an old toothbrush and use it to subdue frizz right where you need it. That way you’ll get rid of flyaways without losing movement in your tresses.

    Washing Frizzy Hair

    2. Limit Blow-Drying

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  • Celebrities Who Refuse Selfies With Their Fans
    Posted In Entertainment / Celeb News
    Published On 13 Mar 2015

    Many celebrities shares selfies of their own on social media and are very accommodating to fans who request a picture. Plenty of others refuse, and some even get really rude about it, either because they want their privacy or they just think selfies are stupid.

    Find out more about a few top celebrities who refuse selfies with fans, or who make a big deal about it. You might get an autograph if you meet any of them, but don’t ask them to take a selfie with you unless you want things to get awkward.

    Dakota Johnson

    The “Fifty Shades of Grey” star is getting a lot of unwanted attention since the movie grosses over $500 million worldwide. Dakota Johnson doesn’t seem to care for taking selfies with her fans. 

    Dakota Johnson

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  • Fall 2015 Trends from Paris Fashion Week
    Posted In Fashion and Style / New Fashion Trends
    Published On 12 Mar 2015

    After New York, London and Milan, Paris Fashion Week gave us the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to the hot trends for fall. The retro vibe seen at Fashion Week in the past month stuck around, but French designers added a bit more sophistication to the fall trends.

    Check out the most important Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015 trends in order to get the full picture of what’s hot this year. From red ruling the runways to pastels and prints, here are the major things to look for when you’re putting together your cold weather wardrobe this year.

    Gorgeous Reds

    As red has already proven, it’s the new fall neutral. However, the Parisian runways didn’t just stick to dyed fabrics, instead showcasing red with a lot of textures, from sequins and crystals to delicate embroidery. 

    Color Red Fall 2015 Trends Paris Fashion Week

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  • 10 Good Reasons to Get More Sleep
    Posted In Body and Skin Care / Top to Toe
    Published On 12 Mar 2015

    If you’re sleeping less than 7 hours every night, you might not be getting all the rest you need. Forget about “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” and start taking sleep deprivation seriously, because it can have plenty of harmful effects on the way you look and feel.

    Here are the reasons to get more sleep if you’re not getting rest for at least 7 hours every night. From the way you look and your state of mind to your weight and other healthy concerns, sleep can have a huge impact on your life.

    1. Look Better

    One of the reasons why you don’t look your best after a night with less sleep than usual is the fact that growth hormone is usually produced in a state of deep sleep. Without it, your body’s natural repair system is thrown off and growing new tissue is also slowed down. It’s especially important to get a good night’s sleep if you have an active lifestyle.

    2. Keep Your Metabolism on Track

    Shorter sleep durations are also linked to being overweight or obese. Multiple studies have shown that sleeping less can slow down your metabolism and decrease insulin sensitivity. One of the most important reasons to get more sleep is that fact that when you’re sleep deprived you’re also likely to eat more foods that are high in sugar, and the energy will be stored in fat instead of being used.

    3. Protect Your Immunity

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  • Shoe Shopping Tips for Wide Feet
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Style Tips
    Published On 12 Mar 2015

    Women are more likely to have wide feet than men, for a variety of reasons, from wider hips to changes that occur during pregnancy. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make finding the perfect pair of shoes any easier.

    Check out some of the best shoe tips for wide feet, from the right way to find the right shoes to what you can do with the shoes that you already own. Use these simple rules to get the perfect fit while also getting a bit of glamor in your shoes.

    Check Out the Wide Selection

    When you go shoe shopping, always start with the “wide” selection. If you can’t find anything you like, move on, but keep in mind that most shoes who weren’t especially created for wide feet will cause you some discomfort, as glamorous as they might look. Do the same when you’re shopping online in order to curb your expectations.

    Measure Your Feet at the Shoe Store

    If you cling to the idea that you’re a certain size, you’re likely to buy uncomfortable shoes that cause pain and misery. One of the best shoe tips for wide feet is to get them measured regularly, once every year, so you’ll have a good grasp of where you’re at. While sizing can be different depending on manufacturers, you’ll at least know where you stand.

    If You’re Not Sure, Don’t Buy

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  • 10 Worst Yoga Mistakes
    Posted In Fitness and Diet / Exercises
    Published On 11 Mar 2015

    Choosing the right type of yoga is always important, but no matter what you choose, there’s always the risk that you could be making some big mistakes. Find out which common mistakes make yoga less effective, particularly if you’re a beginner.

    Avoid the worst yoga mistakes in order to get the most out of it, whether you’re looking for the physical benefits or for reducing stress and getting in touch with your body.

    1. Pushing Too Hard

    Listening to your body is one of the most important yoga teachings, so don’t force yourself when you’re not getting the results you want. Pushing yourself too hard will lead to injury, and that usually happens to yoga practitioners who are ignoring their limitations. Not everybody is limb enough to reach the more difficult positions and you pushing yourself too far is a mistake.

    2. Skipping the Warm Up and Cool Down

    One of the worst yoga mistakes is jumping into it and finishing up without the proper cool down. Even if yoga is much more than just a workout, your body needs to be eased into it and allowed to properly recuperate afterwards. Doing difficult positions without a warm up increases the risk of injury, while the cool down allows you to return to your regular breathing patterns.

    3. Eating Before Doing Yoga

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  • Why Are Cleansing Wipes Bad for You
    Posted In Body and Skin Care / Perfect Skin
    Published On 11 Mar 2015

    Cleansing wipes are definitely practical, but they don’t always deliver on their promise of removing your makeup quickly and efficiently. Even if they do, they usually contain toxic ingredients that you really don’t want on your face.

    Find out why cleansing wipes are bad for you and your skin, and why you should try to limit their use as much as possible. Even if it’s less convenient, giving up makeup remover wipes is definitely something you need to consider, because there are plenty of ways in which they can do more damage than good.

    They Don’t Do the Job

    Even though facial cleansing wipes look dirty after you rub them on your face, they don’t collect all the makeup, oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that regular cleansing does. You can’t fix the problem by using multiple wipes, because all you’re doing is causing more damage to your skin by rubbing and they’ll leave behind more ingredients that could dry and irritate your skin.

    They Can Be Drying

    It doesn’t matter if you have dry, combination or oily skin. What makes cleansing wipes bad for you is the fact that they contain alcohol and other drying ingredients, including fragrance and preservatives. Stay away from makeup remover wipes if you have sensitive skin, and don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re fine for oily skin types. The drying effect can also disrupt the natural sebum production and mess with the natural balance of oily skin.

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  • Celebrities Still Living With Mom!
    Posted In Entertainment / Celeb News
    Published On 11 Mar 2015

    While a huge mansion is part of the lifestyle for many A-listers, other celebrities are more excited about living with their parents. Whether they provide emotional support or just keep them grounded, their parents don’t seem to mind it. Even Kate Middleton reportedly wants her parents to move in.

    Find out why these celebrities who live with their parents didn’t want to live the next or asked their parents to move in with them. From Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper to Julia Roberts and Dev Patel, here are the stars who like their parents close.

    Jennifer Lawrence

    “I've always lived in a tiny rat-infested apartment in New York, or a little condo in L.A., or a normal house in Kentucky. I think it would be very bizarre to live in a big mansion by myself,” Jennifer Lawrence told Elle. 

    Jennifer Lawrence Living With Parents

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  • 10 Beauty Tips for When You’re Sick
    Posted In Makeup / Makeup Tips
    Published On 10 Mar 2015

    Looking your best when you’re sick is very difficult, but you can at least hide the most obvious symptoms with a few simple fixes. Whether you’re struggling with a fever or a runny nose, here’s what you need to do if you’re hoping to hide all symptoms.

    Try some of the best beauty tips for when you’re sick, and you’ll be able to reduce the appearance of most of your symptoms. Even if you can’t fake a healthy glow, these makeup and skin care tricks can help you a lot when your skin is suffering because of a respiratory infection.

    1. Hydrate and Moisturize

    Your biggest problem is staying hydrated and keeping your skin looking healthy. Drink plenty of fluids, preferable water or herbal tea, while also applying moisturizer more often. If you have a fever, try a thicker moisturizer, suitable for cold weather. Keep it close and don’t forget to apply it before you go to bed to allow it to work overnight.

    2. Try Blue Eyeliner

    If bloodshot eyes are a consequence of your illness, one of the best beauty tips for when you’re sick is to use a dark blue eyeliner. It will make your eyes look brighter and cut down on the redness. Obviously, if your eyes are irritated, you should skip the liner altogether. When they’re not, just slightly runny, go for a blue waterproof eyeliner.

    3. Fight Puffiness with Cold Creams

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  • Signs You Should See a Dermatologist
    Posted In Body and Skin Care / Acne and Skin Problems
    Published On 10 Mar 2015

    When you can’t solve your skin issues with over the counter products, there’s no reason to avoid the dermatologist. Besides recommending the right products, they can also help you figure out which skin care mistakes you might be making.

    While there are many ways in which a consultation can be useful even without pressing problems, there are also a few clear signs you should see a dermatologist. Find out when it’s time to stop delaying and make an appointment with a dermatologist.

    You Can’t Get Rid of Acne

    Trying over the counter products to treat acne is usually recommended. But when you’ve been using good anti-acne products and the problem persists for more than 2 months, it’s time to let a pro advise you. You don’t need a prescription for anti-acne products with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, but your dermatologist might pick up on other factors you haven’t considered.

    You’re Developing Sun Sensitivity

    Having trouble with your skin because of sun exposure is definitely one of the signs you should see a dermatologist. You might need to change your sunscreen. If it’s not the only recent symptom, you might have to see another special, but getting your sunscreen sorted out first is definitely the top priority.

    You’re Having Trouble with Itching or Rashes

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  • 10 Ways to Green Your Beauty Routine
    Posted In Body and Skin Care / Top to Toe
    Published On 10 Mar 2015

    A green lifestyle can involve many sacrifices, but looking your best doesn’t have to be one of them. Making the right choices when it comes to skin care and makeup products, along with developing a few good habits can go a long way.

    Learn how to green your beauty routine, even if you’re not going to switch to 100% natural products in completely recyclable packaging. Try these simple tips to reduce waste and protect yourself from dangerous chemicals.

    1. Check Labels Carefully

    Forget about the marketing and buzz words that sound green. It’s important to check the list of ingredients yourself. As a good rule of thumb, the less ingredients a product has, the less likely it is to include toxic chemicals. Ignore the claims of “natural” and “green”, and always check for yourself if the products that you’re about to buy are up to your standards.

    2. Pay Attention to the Products You Use Most

    From lotion to facial cleansers, the products that are in touch with your skin on the biggest areas and for the longest time are the right place to start. If you’re going to green your beauty routine, start choosing shampoo and moisturizers with the least toxic ingredients. Body wash should also be eco-friendly, but you don’t have to replace every single product you use with an organic and green alternative.

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  • How to Get Over Breakup Guilt
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Breakups and Divorce
    Published On 10 Mar 2015

    Feeling guilty after a breakup is perfectly normal, even if you know you have no rational reason for it. Instead of allowing yourself to move on, guilt can keep you stuck after a breakup and even ruin any potential new love connections.

    Find out how to get over breakup guilt and move on from a breakup without beating yourself up about it. From reminding yourself why it had to happen to making sure that you remove any triggers, here are the best ways to speed up the healing process and make guilt go away.

    Consider the Alternative

    Once you make up your mind about breaking up, there are very few reasons to put it off. Fight the guilt by thinking about the feeling of being trapped in a relationship you don’t want anymore. It’s not fair to you and it’s not fair to your guy. Unless you actively hurt your boyfriend, by cheating on him or treating him badly, you should allow yourself to feel the guilt for a day or two then let it go.

    Keep Thinking About the Reasons for Breaking Up

    One of the easiest ways to get over breakup guilt is to make a list of all the reasons why the relationship had to end. You don’t have to analyze the specifics, just remind yourself how you felt when you decided to break up. Stop blaming yourself for ending a relationship that simply wasn’t working out for you.

    Don’t Fight the Excitement

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  • 10 Good Reasons to Go With Natural Hair
    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Professional Hair Tips
    Published On 09 Mar 2015

    Whether you care about changes in beauty standards or not, there are plenty of reasons to go with natural hair instead of keeping it chemically processed all the time or hidden away under weaves. Getting your hair relaxed isn’t just damaging to it in the long run, but it also means a lot of money and effort.

    Discover the best reasons to go natural, even though that means you’ll have to rock a TWA for a while. From celebrating your roots to saving money and from a healthier scalp to being able to having more versatility with your hairstyles, here are the biggest benefits of going natural.

    1. More Celebrities Are Embracing It

    If you dislike natural hair because you never had any roles models for strong black women who embrace their roots, look around and notice how more and more celebrities are embracing it without fear. From singers like Solange and Janelle Monáe to Academy Award winner Viola Davis, there are plenty of black women who prefer their hair natural.

    2. It’s Easier to Manage

    After having relaxed hair that needs a lot of time and effort to look good, trying the natural look might feel like a breeze. The fact that it’s easy to manage is one of the best reasons to go natural. You won’t have a lot of work to do while you grow out your TWA, but you will have to make sure that your hair is properly moisturized until there are more ways to wear it.

    3. You Can Celebrate Your Cultural Heritage

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