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  • Skin Care Mistakes That Age You
    Posted In Body and Skin Care / Perfect Skin
    Published On 01 Apr 2015

    Even if you’re using the right products for your skin type and think your skin care regimen is top notch, you might still be making some mistakes that contribute to premature aging.

    Check out the most important skin care mistakes that age you, and make an effort to avoid them every time. From cleansing your face the wrong way to popping zits and sleeping in a wrong position, here are the errors that can contribute to wrinkles and overall aging of your skin.

    Skipping Sunscreen

    Whether you’re in the middle of winter or on a gloomy, rainy day, using sunscreen is just as important as in the sunny summer days. UVA and UVB radiation are one of the most important factors that cause wrinkles and age your skin, so find a broad-spectrum sunscreen that works for you and use it daily.

    Going to Bed Without Proper Makeup Removal

    No matter how tired you are, don’t go to bed with your makeup on, it’s one of the skin care mistakes that age you. You might be tempted to keep makeup remover wipes on your nightstand, but that won’t provide the all cleansing power you need. If you have no choice but to use wipes, then always wash your face with warm water before going to bed.

    Over Cleansing Your Skin

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  • 10 Divorce Myths Busted
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Breakups and Divorce
    Published On 31 Mar 2015

    Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences you can have, but believing in silly myths about it can actually make it worse. Whether you’re considering it, or just want to clear up a few misconceptions, learn more about divorce and how it usually plays out.

    Find out more about the biggest divorce myths, busted by research in recent years, and get rid of any outdated ideas you might have. From facts about divorce statistics to the idea of divorce-proofing your marriage, here’s what you need to know about debunked divorce myths.

    1. Divorce Means Failure

    Even though you wanted a partner for life, you shouldn’t consider divorce a failure. Relationships should be measured in happiness and achievements together, not just by their length of time. If you had happy times, then you should consider your marriage a success, even if it’s ending. There’s is nobody to blame when two people just change and drift apart.

    2. Divorce Always Gets Ugly

    When people who loved each other turn into mortal enemies, they only have themselves to blame, not divorce itself. It’s difficult to end a marriage without a lot of pain, but it’s not impossible. This is one of the divorce myths busted by the fact that very few divorces actually end up in court. Most of the time, even if both partners are angry, they manage to reach a settlement through their lawyers.

    3. Being Unhappy Means You’ll Ger Divorced Sooner or Later

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  • 10 Ways to Simplify Your Beauty Routine
    Posted In Body and Skin Care / Top to Toe
    Published On 30 Mar 2015

    Using too many products can actually create harmful interactions between active ingredients, and it’s also a big time suck. If you’re looking to scale back your beauty routine and make less effort for similar results, you’ll need a few good tips and tricks.

    Try some of the best ways to simplify your beauty routine, your your skincare regimen to your makeup, and even simple ways to spend less time on your hair and nails, while still having them look great.

    1. Skip the Morning Cleansing

    If you removed makeup correctly before you went to bed and used a good facial cleanser, you don’t have to cleanse again in the morning. You can use wash your face with warm water. The problem with over-cleansing is that it has a drying effect, which causes your skin to produce more oil, and you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of toning and moisturizing.

    2. Look for the Right Multitasking Products

    Using double-duty or multitasking products is one of the best ways to simplify your beauty routine. From a stain that works both for your cheeks and lips to a combination beauty product that moisturizes your skin while also providing sun protections, there are plenty of choices you can make, as long as you make sure the product was created for your type of skin.

    3. Don’t Ignore the Packaging

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  • Common Foot Problems Caused by Shoes
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Style Tips
    Published On 30 Mar 2015

    Even though she became a style icon thanks to Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic wardrobe and shoe collection, Sarah Jessica Parker admitted that “Sex and the City” also caused her a lot of grief. “I went to a foot doctor and he said, ‘Your foot does things it shouldn’t be able to do. That bone there… You’ve created that bone. It doesn’t belong there,’” Parker told The Edit.

    If you’d like to avoid her issues, you have to know a few things about foot problems caused by shoes. Stilettos may be the worst offender, but there are plenty of other shoes that put your health at risk.

    Toe Deformities – Stilettos

    High heels aren’t just the most uncomfortable shoes, they can also cause the most damage in the long run. Because your toes are being squashed inside the shoe, the bones actually change their shape, resembling claws. You can’t get this kind of damage from wearing high heels only on special occasions, but you can end up with deformed toes if you wear them regularly, for 8 hours or more.

    Bunions – Tight Shoes

    88% of American women wear shoes that are too small, according to the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, and 55% end up with bunions. They’re one of the most serious foot problems caused by shoes, and the only way to minimize the risk is to make sure that your shoes are never too tight or too narrow. Get them professionally measured at a shoe store a couple of times a month and stop trying to squeeze them into shoes that are one size too small.

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  • Celebrity Beauty Advice NOT to Follow
    Posted In Body and Skin Care / Top to Toe
    Published On 30 Mar 2015

    Whether they like it or not, many celebrities are considered role models by many fans, and they can do a lot of damage by giving uninformed advice, or even mentioning their “secret” tricks in interviews.

    Check out some of the worst celebrity beauty advice, whether it was a strong recommendation or just a passing mention of a bad habit. From celebs who have really harmful ideas about SPF and sun protection to stars who try unusual makeup tricks and end up sharing them with the world, here are the pieces of celebrity beauty advice that you shouldn’t take.

    Taylor Swift – Permanent Marker as Eyeliner

    “I once used a Sharpie as eyeliner in an airplane bathroom because I didn’t have any with me,” Taylor Swift admitted in an interview with Refinery29. 

    Taylor Swift Permanent Marker As Eyeliner

    While her cat eyes probably looked the same, the problem is that the skin in the eye area is thin and sensitive, and putting a permanent marker with toxic ingredients on it isn’t the best idea.

    Gisele Bündchen – Synthetic Sunscreen Is Poison

    Gisele Bundchen Synthetic Sunscreen Is Poison

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  • 10 Makeup Tricks that Guys Love
    Posted In Makeup / Makeup Tips
    Published On 29 Mar 2015

    Most guys say they love a more natural approach to makeup on their girlfriends, but even when they mean it, it’s difficult to strike the right balance between fresh and bare-faced. If you want to drive him wild with your natural beauty, you’ll need to be subtle about it.

    Check out a few makeup tricks that guys love, and find out how to execute them perfectly. From the easiest way to do a subtle smoky eye to the right way to make your lips extra kissable, try these simple tricks to drive your guy crazy.

    1. Curl Your Eyelashes

    Even though most men say they prefer little to no eye makeup, there’s one thing that makes you look gorgeous without reaching for the eyeshadows and eyeliners. A soft curl in your eyelashes opens up your eyes and does wonders. Fake lashes might be too obvious, so another way to enhance the natural curb is to use just a touch of curling mascara, making sure that you’re not leaving behind any clumps.

    2. Prepare Your Lips

    A lot of guys appreciate the subtle glow of a lip gloss, but what they hate is the sticky feeling of gloss, almost as much as you leaving your lipstick behind on their face and even clothes. Get the perfect colors with extra staying power using one of the best makeup tricks that guys love. Layer a lip stain and a touch of lipstick, then finish off with another coat of stain so you minimize any smudging during your makeout sessions.

    3. Go for the Simple Smoky Eye

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  • 10 Cool Ways to Wear a Crop Top
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Style Tips
    Published On 27 Mar 2015

    photo: Agnija Grigule

    It’s easy to dismiss the crop top if you’re not really into showing skin, but you shouldn’t disregard it altogether. In fact, with the help of a few style tricks, you can make the crop top work for any body type and for almost every type of personal style.

    You can easily go too far if you also want to wear some attention-grabbing shoes or want a dramatic makeup look, but with a little bit of balance, crop tops can help you create trendy and even sophisticated looks. Check out the best ways to wear a crop top, and decide for yourself if you’re going to give it a chance this spring and summer.

    1. Pair with a Circle Skirt

    For a fun warm weather look, there’s no better match for a crop top than a simple circle skirt. The only thing you should be wary of when you’re putting together the look is overdoing the color scheme. 

    Circle Skirt With Crop Top
    photo: Ria Michelle

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  • Going Braless: How to Pull Off the No Bra Look
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Style Tips
    Published On 26 Mar 2015

    Whether you’re tired of all the underwires and straps or just want to try something, going braless can be quite challenging, regardless of your cup size. From the right cuts to making sure that your nipples don’t make an appearance, there are plenty of obstacles to looking your best.

    Once you’ve settled on the occasion, which should never be in a professional setting, try some of the best style tips for going braless in order to keep your style flawless. Here’s what you need to know about going braless.

    Curb Your Expectations

    If you were blessed with large breasts, you probably won’t be able to pull off most looks without a bra. It’s important to stay realistic about your style when you lose the bra. Whether it’s fair or not, women with A-cups and B-cups have it much easier. If you’re bigger than a C-cup, you might find that you just can’t meet your style standards without the right support.

    Kim Kardashian Braless Look Fail

    Choose the Right Fabrics

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  • 10 Best Beauty Trends for Fall 2015
    Posted In Makeup / Makeup Ideas
    Published On 26 Mar 2015

    Whether you’re enjoying the makeup trends of spring or you’re ready to move on, check out some of the most impressive beauty and makeup trends from Fashion Week. There are plenty of cool trends to try for fall, from dark lips to bronze eyeshadow.

    Check out some of the most important Fall 2015 beauty trends and decide which ones you’re most excited to try. Whether you like a fresh, natural look, or prefer a little drama in your makeup, here are the coolest trends from Fashion Week.

    Eyeshadow Overload

    Big and bold eyeshadow is definitely a major trend for fall. Graphic shapes and bold colors were big on the runways, but white also made a strong showing. Models walked the catwalk with colorblocked eyelids at Céline, Fendi, Kenzo, and even Chanel and Dior. 

    Colorblock Eyeshadow Fall 2015Colorblocked Eyeshadow Fall 2015Bold Eyeshadow Fall 2015 TrendsBold Eyeshadow Chanel Fall 2015 Trends

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  • 10 Easy Ways to Speed Up Weight Loss
    Posted In Fitness and Diet / Healthy Diets
    Published On 24 Mar 2015

    Diets with severe calorie restrictions might seem like the simplest option to lose a few pounds quickly, but they slow down your metabolism to a crawl, making it easier to quickly gain back the weight and store more fat in the long run.

    Discover the best ways to speed up weight loss, by making sure your metabolism is running at its maximum potential. From eating the right foods at the right time to exercising in an efficient way, here’s what you can do to drop the extra weight faster.

    1. Avoid Crash Diets

    If you’re getting less than 1,200 calories per day, you’re on a bad diet. You’ll lose the water weight, and then your body will start losing muscle mass instead of burning the fat deposits. Crash diets are bad because they push your body into starvation mode, slowing down your metabolism and making it easier to store fat when you can’t take it anymore and start binging.

    2. Eat More Snacks

    After you set a healthy daily calorie goal, one of the best ways to speed up weight loss is to spread them out in more meals and snacks. Eating small portions every two to three hours will keep your metabolism active. That way, you’ll burn more calories and increase your chances at getting rid of the extra pounds by the time your deadline arrives.

    3. Go Organic

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  • 10 Selfie Tricks You Can Learn From Cats
    Posted In Fashion and Style / Style Tips
    Published On 24 Mar 2015

    Whether you’re taking them for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, great selfies aren’t easy to pull off. There are plenty of things you have to consider when taking a selfie and putting it up on social media or using it as a profile pic.

    In order to up your selfie game, take a look at a few selfie tricks you can learn from cats. They’re not just adorable, they can also show you what to do and what not to do when you’re trying to snap a selfie that will get all the likes.

    1. Choose the Right Background

    The last thing you want from a selfie is to be a great picture of you that’s ruined by some nasty detail in the background. Always check the background and make sure that there’s nothing that can reflect poorly on you. 

    1. Choose The Right Background

    Finding the perfect selfie spot isn’t easy, so when you’re in a beautiful location, don’t hesitate to snap a few.

    2. Check the Light

    2. Check The Light

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  • 10 Bad Beauty Habits to Break
    Posted In Body and Skin Care / Top to Toe
    Published On 23 Mar 2015

    Whether they cause premature aging, infections, scars, or other problems, many beauty habits persist despite proof that they’re bad. Find out more about why you should do your best to drop the habits that can have very negative effects on your beauty in the long run.

    Once you’ve figured out which bad beauty habits to break, you can easily take your beauty routine to the next level, and correct more mistakes that you’ve been making. Here are the big beauty no-nos that are working against you.

    1. Cleansing the Wrong Way

    Forgetting to remove your makeup before to bed is one of the most damaging things you can do to your skin, but counting on makeup remover wipes can also cause trouble. They don’t remove oil, dirt and bacteria as well as traditional cleansers, but if you’re going to use wipes, then the least you should do is rinse with water very well afterwards.

    2. Pretending You Have Self Cleaning Makeup Brushes

    When your makeup brushes aren’t regularly cleaned, you risk breakouts and other clogged pores. Ignoring them is definitely one of the bad beauty habits to break. Whether they’re made from natural or synthetic hair, they should be cleaned once a month in soapy water. Use a mild soap or shampoo before blotting them and drying them with a blow-dryer.

    3. Getting Rough with Ingrown Hairs

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  • Reasons to Upgrade from Drugstore Makeup
    Posted In Makeup / Makeup Tips
    Published On 23 Mar 2015

    Investing in high end makeup may feel like a big commitment at first, but there are plenty of advantages it provides over drugstore makeup. Take your beauty routine to the next level by investing in the right products, not just paying more for the same.

    Discover the best reasons to upgrade from drugstore makeup to department store makeup, from the wider selection to better customer service. If you’re considering switching to high end makeup, here are the main reasons why you shouldn’t delay the transition.

    Drugstore Makeup Doesn’t Offer the Same Variety of Shades

    Matching your skin tone is the most important thing when it comes to makeup, and plenty of drugstore buys are creating for the most common skin tones. You’ll get a better match if you try department store makeup, and you’re also more likely to find products designed specifically for your skin. Investing in high end makeup for sensitive skin is a must.

    High End Makeup Uses Better Pigments

    If you’re really picky about colors, you’ll want to upgrade from drugstore makeup in order to get more saturated pigments. Department store makeup products often include less water and less filler ingredients, providing better coverage and a more intense shade.

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  • 10 Healthy Snacks You Can Eat All Day
    Posted In Fitness and Diet / Healthy Diets
    Published On 23 Mar 2015

    Snacks that are high in sugar and sodium will only make you crave more. If you’d like to munch on something without feeling guilty, there are plenty of options that you really can’t overeat.

    Discover a few healthy snacks you can eat all day, because they’re not packed with calories, but they do provide plenty of flavor. From popcorn and kale chips to sliced veggies and seaweed snacks, check out the right treats that will fill you up without a ridiculous amount of calories.

    1. Popcorn

    As long as you make your own, and avoid flavored and buttered popcorn, you can indulge on this filling snack all day long. You’ll only get about 100 calories from over 3 cups of popcorn, and you can always flavor it naturally yourself. Add a touch of sea salt, chili powder, paprika or even cinnamon for a low calorie snacks that also has plenty of fiber that will keep you feeling full and curb other cravings.

    2. Kale Chips

    Forget about store-bought kale chips and make your own low calorie. If you bake them yourself, kale chips are definitely one of the healthy snacks you can eat all day. Add a bit of olive oil and sea salt, and you’ll end up with a delicious snack that’s under 35 calories per cup. Store-bought varieties can have up to 5 times more calories.

    3. Blueberries

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  • Celebrities Who Do Their Own Hair
    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Celebrity Hairstyles
    Published On 23 Mar 2015

    Getting ready for a red carpet event sometimes involves a whole team of hairstylists, but some celebrities prefer the DIY approach. Some A-listers style their own hair, others cut it, and some even color it on their own.

    Find out more about the biggest celebrities who do their own hair, from their reasons to some useful tips and tricks. From Queen Bey and Blake Lively to Janelle Monáe and even Kate Moss, here are the stars who aren’t afraid to experiment with their hair at home.


    Even though she can get an appointment right away with the most sought after hairstylists in the world, Beyoncé loves doing her own makeup for different events, and she’s also open to experimenting with her hair, from different cuts to coloring techniques. 

    Beyonce Does Her Own Hair

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  • Celebrities Who Waited Tables
    Posted In Entertainment / Celeb News
    Published On 22 Mar 2015

    Plenty of Hollywood celebrities grew up poor, and had to work hard before getting a chance to follow their dreams. While waiting tables is the cliche for aspiring actors, plenty of singers have also taken a job in the restaurant industry.

    Discover 10 celebrities who waited tables, and find out more about their struggles to jump-start their careers. From Chris Pratt to Amanda Seyfried, here are the celebs who worked as waiters and waitresses on their way to the top.

    Chris Pratt

    The “Guardians of the Galaxy” star has been open about his financial struggles, and also told David Letterman about a year he spent in Hawaii basically homeless, while living in a van with a friend. 

    Chris Pratt Waiting Tables

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  • Fights Every Couple Has
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Relationship Advice
    Published On 21 Mar 2015

    Even if constant fighting is a bad sign for many relationships, there are plenty of arguments that help it in the long run, by helping set boundaries and sort out priorities. These common fights shouldn’t be avoided, since they have something valuable to contribute.

    Check out the fights every couple has, and find out what lessons you need to learn from each one. By avoiding conflict, you’ll end up creating more problems, by letting frustration build up, so these fights are all important steps in a healthy relationship.

    The Housework Fight

    Whether you’ve already moved in together or just have trouble with the way your guy keeps his place clean, this is one of the fights that makes you both understand that you can’t have a relationship without compromise. Meeting each other in the middle when it comes to dividing the household chores is a must.

    The Misunderstanding Fight

    Out of the multiple fights every couple has, the one caused by a misunderstanding usually happens early on. Whether you have to cancel plans because of a previous commitment or you end up bickering because of autocorrect in a text, this argument should teach you the importance of good communication.

    The Freedom Fight

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  • 10 Reasons to Stop Faking It
    Posted In Love and Relationship / Relationship Advice
    Published On 21 Mar 2015

    Sometimes faking an orgasm looks like the convenient solution, but most of the time it can have big consequences on your relationship. Ultimately, faking it end up being more of a problem for you, in more than one way.

    Get familiar with some of the best reasons to stop faking it, and decide if you really do have good reasons to do it, or if you’re just perpetuating a bad idea. Here’s why faking it should be abandoned for good.

    1. You’re Sabotaging Your Own Sex Life

    Faking orgasms in a relationship will come back to haunt you one way or the other. First of all, you’re sending a clear message to your guy that whatever he’s doing it’s enough, so he won’t have any reason to try something different that could actually help you reach climax. The longer you wait to come clean, the bigger an issue it will become.

    2. You’re Avoiding Honest Communication

    One of the best reasons to stop faking it is the fact that it’s creating an obstacle in communication. It starts inside the bedroom, but it can quickly spread into other areas of your relationship, where you decide to deceive your man to spare his feelings. If you’re actually open about what works for you and the fact that getting there every time isn’t really a big deal, you’re setting a strong foundation for your future sex life.

    3. He Doesn’t Need It

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  • All Time Best Celebrity Pixie Cuts
    Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Celebrity Hairstyles
    Published On 21 Mar 2015

    While pixie cuts used to be daring style statements, they’ve become one of the trendiest looks in Hollywood, along with the bob. If you’re looking for the perfect one, check out some of the best celebrity pixie cuts.

    Growing out a pixie isn’t always easy, but these A-listers too the leap with very short crops, which they turned into a really hot red carpet look. See the best pixie cuts, and decide if taking the big leap is right for your style.

    Tyra Banks

    Introducing her new hairstyle on Twitter with the caption “Snip #NotTooShort”, Tyra joined the growing club of powerful women who love the pixie cut. 

    Tyra Banks Pixie Cut

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